dance academy in mumbai

Dance Academy in India

The SSDA dance academy in India is an abode to thousands of dance aspirants with a dream to pursue their passion in the field of dance and also, a platform to showcase their talent to the entire world. It’s a place where a dancer finds happiness and peace through the art of dance. The institute was formed in the year 2009 and from then, its chief objective has always been to educate and nurture students in the field of dance.

Dance School in India

SSDA is one of the biggest dance education centers in India with acclaimed certified courses, unique teaching methodology, experienced faculty, and premium amenities. It is a multi-activity centre which aims to promote various dances styles and other different performing art forms. We provide several professional certified and intensive training programs for students who are enthusiastic about dance and want to enrich their skills and make a career in the field of dance.

Our institute aims to provide our students with good quality dance training enabling them to express themselves and learn the right techniques and the pure authentic styles directly from the experts in a student-friendly environment. Our vision is to share the benefits of dance with our students in the coming years and also, to spread the joy of performing arts and promote different co-curricular activities in India and use art as a therapeutic power and make people heal physically, mentally and spiritually through it.

We would like to thank our director Dhiraj Bakshi for providing this wonderful platform for all the dance aspirants across India and also, an opportunity to showcase their talents on this great platform. The SSDA dance academy in India is marching on to expand with more dance education centres in every different part of the country with a vision to provide the best quality of training and encourage to people to achieve their goals in the field of dance.

We live to inspire and to be inspired by our only passion DANCE!!

SSDA dance school in India offers professional dance training in professional services and a caring environment. It is difficult to know if a dance studio is teaching quality training.

· Affordable pricing with expert training

· Family-oriented ambience · Highly equipped and trained trainers

· Convenient area

· Multiple payment plan options

· Observation windows for parents to see their child’s progress

· Professional sprung dance floors and sound system

· Classes for the recreational to the professional dancer

· Small class size

· Convenient closet room to get ready for class

· Front desk/retail store staff available for customer questions

· Optional fundraising accessible to help with costs

· Dancewear and shoes sold at the studio

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